Handyman Services

Wall repair

One of the most common repairs needed in a property.  Whether it's old horsehair lathe and plaster or drywall,  we are experienced in providing invisible repairs on smooth or walls of all textures.


Whether it's changing a room's color, staining trim, or matching and painting a repair, our years of experience will accomplish your needs.


Tile is a great material.  Whether you are looking to remove and update old tile, install a backsplash, build a custom dream shower, or simply repair broken tile or countertop, we have you covered.


A new floor is a great way to update a space.  We are experienced in installing all floor types, whethers it's vinyl plank, tile, squeak-free hardwood, laminate, carpet, epoxy, or even linoleum.  In addition, we can provide you with repairs/transition solutions to your existing floors.


Heating/cooling systems are essential to finishing a space.  Unfortunately, they often do not function as needed.  Whether it's installing a new heating or cooling system in your space or diagnosing an existing one, we have you covered.


Faucets, showers, toilets are all essential features to a home. Whether you are looking to replace, or install new runs, such as a macerator-powered basement bathroom, we can make it happen.


The most interactive component of a property.  Whether it's installing new lights to brighten a space, diagnosing electrical problems or  upgrading your breakers, we will accomplish your needs.


With remote work becoming a norm for many families, properly functioning data networks are key.   We will get you up and running.


Concrete repairs, crack repairs, foundation repairs, stucco, brick, cinder block, are all materials we master.  Repairs or new projects, we have you covered.


Clean, sharp moulding is a great way to beautify a space.  Crown, baseboard, casing, shelves, archways/openings are all amongst our finish carpentry experience.


Doors are how you enter a space.  Unfortunately, many don't properly function. Whether its an exterior front door, interior doors, closet doors, French doors, rubbing/jamming doors, squeaking hinges, we have you covered.