Disaster Re-Construction

In times of unexpected challenges, you may find yourself in need of support. Regrettably, certain insurance providers may attempt to reduce their responsibilities, potentially complicating the fulfillment of your investments. Drawing from our wealth of experience in this realm, we comprehend the hurdles you may encounter. Count on us to be your trusted partner throughout this journey. We're committed to providing adept guidance, from evaluating damages to facilitating insurance claims, and ultimately restoring your property to its original splendor—or even exceeding your anticipations. Your contentment and tranquility are paramount to us. 

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common issue insured homeowners face.  We will work with you to assess the source of the damage and give you the evidence needed for your insurance company to cover the repair.


Whether it's a hurricane, waterline break, groundwater infiltration or others causes, we have the experience needed to assist your claim, remediate and reconstruct your home. 

Tree/Ice Storm Damage

Falling trees, ice storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornados will often cause structural damage to a home.  We will come and diagnose your home's superstructure  to obtain the full extent of damage needed for you to properly claim and restore your home to desired condition.


The aftermath of a hurricane can leave homes in ruins.  Flooding, roof/window damage, structural damage, mold, electrical issues, and more are all issues we have assisted insured homeowners recover from after hurricanes like Sandy left them at a loss.

Mold Remediation

If a home is not properly dried out after water enters it, mold will occur.  Once mold has grown, it must be removed or encapsulated on all surfaces.  Failure to do so often results in serious health concerns.  Time after time we have seen insurance companies cut corners here, in an attempts to save them money.  Our team, equipped with moisture reading instruments, will assess your property, giving you an accurate extent of damage and cost needed to restore the property.

Damage Assessment 

Do you simply want a 3rd party to do a in-depth assessment of your insurance damage to give you the evidence needed for you claim?   We have you covered.